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Full Version: Where to buy Helios Volcano
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Separately, without launcher and hyperion


Under $30
Thx but that's kinda expensive... updating post
This one might be a fake, so watch out:
my dude the least you will find him alone for is 40 dollars
maybe the price will go lower on the middle of dynamite battle (but on the middle of dynamite battle will have better beys than that and he would be outclassed)

(Apr. 30, 2021  1:04 PM)Hellibleri Wrote: [ -> ]This one might be a fake, so watch out:

yeah thats fake
(May. 06, 2021  5:51 PM)NicholasLee Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the tip
He is not even that good, aside from Zone'+Z, and the chip. I can offer you a better alternatives, if you're interested.
the best way to get it without risking getting a fake is getting the Limit Break DX Set. it is quite expensive but it is worth it because the parts it contains are very solid

Volcano has excellent defense and Burn isnt bad with Kou and Lucifer 2

the Helios2/Hyperion2 are must haves because of their weight

the disks are nice but have extremely limited customization

the Drivers are more than solid. Zone' with the Z Chip is one of the best drivers out there and Xceed' is pretty good too.

Overall very solid set, however i dont think ive seen a Helios Volcano being sold under 30 bucks

(i dont think the ted talk review was necessary but whatever i guess, hope this helped)