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Full Version: What is the best forge disc for defense types?
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plz don't say random things
10 is pretty good
anybody else?

ok thank you
(Apr. 30, 2021  7:06 AM)magi596 Wrote: [ -> ]anybody else?

ok thank you

0 in my opinion.
(Apr. 30, 2021  7:05 AM)GhostFox Wrote: [ -> ]10 is pretty good

Agree with this
I think (because of the newer heavy disc)
sting might be able to be good on some defense combos
I think 00 disk should work😁
(Apr. 30, 2021  3:12 PM)Dblader Wrote: [ -> ]I think 00 disk should work😁

00 is more balance
Wheel, giga

Some stuff that's well known in the competitive community around NC