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Full Version: What is so special about the DB launcher, and how does it work?
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I've heard that the launcher is customizable but aren't all launchers?
What is so special about this one apart from it's super-cool design?
Well typically, it’s the grips that are customizable but this time around, the launcher itself is directly customizable. Basically, it is divided into three parts, and as time passes, different variations of those parts will be released to be swapped in and out for customization. As a matter of fact, a direct example would be customizing between the b-184 single launcher and b-182 battle sets version:

[Image: 46-F2-D704-F412-42-C5-8-D13-346-DE3017198.webp]

[Image: 1-E03-C686-EF26-4127-BF15-EC2470081-DE5.jpg]