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Full Version: [Calgary,Alberta,Canada] Beyblade anyone?
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Want to make like a mini tournament or like come out and battle for fun and trade parts or just chill?
I'd be up for something. It's hard to find Bladers in Calgary at the moment.
i know eh?
Ya i know like we should organize a beyblade tourney or something just so that we can have some fun
I see are you also going to the ones at the Calgary zoo as well on July 9-12?
I am not going to the one in teh zoo but the calaway one was kinda weird because half the kids had no idea what they were doing
I see i heard you only win Tshirts and no beyblades is that true?
Ya its no fun we win tshirts, a ytv magazine, a notepad, and spongebob cards if u come in first or second
i see
woot calgary bladers im not the only one
well lets meet up somwhere does anybody live in bowness? just pm me i guess, there has to be more than 4 of us
We need 8 participants for a tournament please post you name under this post and if you would bring a takara tomy stadium drinks and snacks will be supplied
Dracielxgt I will but if magnacore Takara counts I have one I might be getting a stadium befor that though
i might be moveing to Calgary and if i do i would love to help out and make a tournament
I'm in Calgary and might be free during some week-ends too.... Was just going throught the threads and decided to reply even though this thread is old... Stupid
Yo guys i live in calgary to. We should battle somewere.
I also live in Calgary me and my cousin want to battle 2!!!
I always welcome an intense battle.
Wanna join, just need to know the age limit. Im 11 (maybe) so could I join?
When do we start?
Where do you wanna meet?
Bladers of all ages are welcome here on the World Beyblade Organization, do not worry.
thanks, but where and when. we should get started

thanks, but where and when. we should get started. there is like 12 differant people who posted
I guess the dream is gone...

I guess the dream is gone...
I live in calgary, and I would love to make a Tournement. Tongue_out_wink
Not sure if this is necro-ing or not.

But I'm looking to get back into blading and possibly starting something in Calgary.

Anyone from Calgary interested in get together with whatever blades that you got?
Just checking to see if there's anyone still playing around here, ?
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