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Full Version: Favourite Launch Form (Burst, God, Cho-z, GT -not sparking or DB-)
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My favourites would prob be- Delta's launch, Aiger's GT launch and Gwyn's launch.

Oh and you can also say your least favs-
Most favorite (in descending order of favoritism):
GT Aiga (He's all over the place)
Delta (this guy's hardcore lol)
Gwyn w/ Regalia Genesis (Big Bang is not as good imo)
Free's God launch (vein mode, together with popping veins and bulging eyes, he looks downright scary)

Least favorite: Evel Oxford's launch, hate it
Favs from every series:
GT: Aiga's launch (come on, this one's like, pure awesomeness)
Cho-Z: Errrr...these weren't anything too special for me, but Phi's first launch was kinda neat.
God: Red Eye's first Axe Shoot looked pretty badass (even tho I still can't get how he never trips when he does it).
Classic Burst: Valt's High Jump Shoot was amazing, and it gets Bonus points for being the first midair launch in all of Burst.
Original Burst: Valt's really high jumping shoot.
God: Shu when he was battling Lui the second time around where his scar glows
Cho-Z: Phi with his flaming launch
GT: Delta's butterfly kick launch ftw, or Aiga with his damn backflips
Sparking: Lane's "throw launcher high in the air then Naruto runs to catch it then shoot" launch lul
Burst: Lui
God: Kurtz and Sisco
Cho-Z: Suoh
GT: Delta and Blind
Superking: Lane
DB: Bell so far
Burst: Valt's runaway shoot
God: Shu's launch
Cho-z: Aiga's launch with cho-z achilles
Gt: aiga's and delta's launch
(I know I was not supposed to but how bout I do it anyway)
Sparking: Lane's last launch form
DB: Bell's