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Full Version: Explain how you found the WBO!
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I honestly looked up "beyblade website" after 15 minutes, in the 9th page, I saw "World Beyblade Organization" so I clicked and signed up!
Was looking into a problem with my xtend+ and didn’t find the answer
My friends told me there was a beyblade site with a ton of people and made me create an account

I forgot about the website and then after they moved, I was searching about beyblade meems, and I saw this

and then my account was there, just the way I left it
I looked up beyblade website and saw this and signed up. Like GoldenBlade.
I found this website back in 2018, when the first leaks of Turbo products were revealed, but I never joined until about 2 years ago.
I found wbo on a yugioh website lmao
I wanted to go to a beyblade tournament. I searched it up and found the wbo. Checked tournaments and there was a tournament that weekend with spots open in my area. If there wasn’t any tournament that was posted then I may as well had quit.
i was looking at beyblade memes on google and then i saw this website
one thing lead to the other and now im here
I found the WBO through the Beyblade wiki. The wiki wasnt active and socializing wasnt a huge thing there, but found out that the website made up for the lack of socializing on the wiki. So here I am
I wanted to learn as much as I could about upcoming releases and I always noticed the wbo URL whenever I searched the upcoming combination names up through my browser. One day I decided to actually look into the site out of curiosity and I liked what I saw. At first I just kept coming back to read up on new releases and doo enough, that lead me into reading through many different types of threads. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to join the discussion so I created an account myself!
i looked up and researched tons of beyblade stuff and usually reddit and the wbo were the one that pooped up (oops). i wanted to reply to things soooooo.
I was reading a Sparking episode description on Beyblade Wiki and saw a link to its WBO page. I started browsing through the site and eventually decided to join.
Curiousity. When I started learning about the game and anime, WBO popped up a lot in my search results and there were a LOT of discussions, so I decided to join the fun.
God I can’t believe it’s been four months.
(Apr. 01, 2021  12:44 AM)TheGolden Blade Wrote: [ -> ]I honestly looked up "beyblade website" after 15 minutes, in the 9th page, I saw "World Beyblade Organization" so I clicked and signed up!

XD  same
was looking for WBBA, but had no results so I went on this instead.