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Full Version: Universe-SPM Testing and Discussion
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I noticed how tall Universe-SPM was when compared to other drivers, and thought it could be used as a Bullet Substitute/Replacement. So decided to do some testing. I used a single combo to use for testing: Yegdrion Y2.Yell.Universe-SPM. The idea behind this combo was the same as most Bullet Combos: Using the height of the driver to create more consistent disc-to-layer contact, and to avoid head-on attacks to the disc. I tested it against 5 separate combos.

DISCLAIMER: All matches were played in the Pegasus Thunder Whip Stadium, as I do not own a BeyStadium Standard Type or an MFB Attack Stadium, so the results might not be 100% accurate.

Test Results:

Yegdrion Y2 Yell Universe-SPM vs. Victory Valkyrie Triple Xtreme'
Y2.Y.Un-SPM - 10 Wins (10 OS)
V2.T.X' - 0 Wins
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 100%

As V2 hadn't won a single match, I cut off testing after ten rounds. Y2.Y.Un-SPM is very resistant to KO-Attackers. The height allowed it to avoid many powerful attacks.

Yegdrion Y2 Yell Universe-SPM vs. Kerbeus Spread Eternal-S
Y2.Y.Un-SPM - 2 Wins (2 OS)
K.S.Et-S - 18 Wins (18 OS)
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 10%

Y2 seemed very susceptible to dedicated Stamina Combos (as well as non-dedicated stamina combos as later tests will show). Universe-SPM doesn't seem to have a lot of LAD; and the dish at the bottom of the driver scrapes near the end of battle, draining its stamina.

Yegdrion Y2.Yell.Universe-SPM vs. Doomscizor D2.Gravity.Yard-S
Y2.Y.Un-SPM - 4 Wins (4 OS)
D2.G.Yr-S - 16 Wins (16 OS)
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 20%

While D2 isn't technically a Stamina Type (it's classified as a Burst Defense type), it still has enough stamina to leave Y2 in the dust. On top of that, D2 can Destablize Y2, and Universe-SPM's aforementioned Free-Spinning Dish caused it to lose out many times.

Yegdrion Y2.Yell.Universe-SPM vs.Quetziko Q2.Force.Evolution-SP
Y2.Y.Un-SPM - 10 Wins (10 OS)
Q2.F.Ev-SP - 0 Wins
1 Relaunch 
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 100%

The idea with this matchup was to have a KO-Attack combo of equal height go up against Universe-SPM to see what would happen. Unfortunately, as I don't own any KO-Attack Layers for Hasbro, I used Q2 as a substitute. It wasn't very effective, and lost every match against Y2 to the point I cut the matches short at 10 rounds. If anyone can test a combo like V2 or S2 on Evolutional-SP or Dimension-S (Tall), that would be greatly appreciated.

Yegdrion Y2.Yell.Universe-SPM vs. Zillion Zeus.Gravity.Wave
Y2.Y.Un-SPM - 3 Wins (3 OS)
Z2.G.Wv - 17 Wins (10 OS, 7 Bursts)
2 Draws (2 Double Bursts), 1 Relaunch
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 15%

A burst attacker like Z2 on a tall driver is able to take out this combo often (even if not reliably). The added metal on Universe-SPM may have caused the layer to be more burst prone, but there hasn't been enough testing to prove this. On top of that, Z2's metal balls increase its stamina, allowing it to win via outspin considerably often.

So overall, this combo has proven very effective against normal-height KO Attackers, very weak to most Stamina-Oriented Combinations, potentially susceptible to Tall Burst Attackers, and very easily Destablized. It has not been tested against Normal-Height Burst Attackers, KO Defenders, or Tall KO Attackers.
Thanks for testing! Just a heads-up, the hasbro D2 is actually a stamina layer and not a KO defence like the TT one. Also I think KO attack will be more effective in an official bey stadium.
I just received a copy of S2.L.V (Hasbro) in the mail today, so I decided to do some extra tests against the Universe combo. The main combo was the same (Y2.Y.Un-SPM), and the stadium was the same (Pegasus Thunder Whip).

Yegdrion Y2.Yell.Universe-SPM vs.Spryzen S2.Limited.Evolution-SP
Y2.Y.Un-SPM - 17 Wins (15 OS, 1 KO, 1 Burst)
S2.L.Ev-SP - 3 Wins (3 Bursts)
1 Relaunch
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 85%
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Burstrate: 100%

I learned a couple things from this combo in particular. Firstly, I need to improve my technique with attack types, because half of my launches lacked the power to Knock Out Y2, and that it would sleep out way sooner. But more interestingly, Universe-SPM moves around a lot after taking some hits. Because it has a ball-shape and a wide surface area, it starts moving around the stadium a lot either after launch or after first contact. This means that it can evade certain attack types (regardless of height), and hopefully outspin them. I had also noticed that (even with only three losses) it has a 100% burstrate. I had noticed a similar problem when I pitted it against Z2 last time, but it became most noticeable when against the next combo.

Yegdrion Y2.Yell.Universe-SPM vs.Spryzen S2.Gravity.Dimension-S
Y2.Y.Un-SPM - 10 Wins (6 OS, 1 KO, 3 Burst)
S2.G.Dm-S - 10 Wins (2 KO, 8 Burst)
8 Relaunches
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 50%
Y2.Y.Un-SPM Winrate: 80%

After seeing Ev-SP's poor stamina, I decided to put S2 on Dm-S for not only the height it can reach, but that it's not stuck at that height like most SP(M) Drivers are. It's at this point that I realize just how susceptible to Bursts this combo can be. Even with a burst resistant layer like Yegdrion Y2, as well as a disc with a lot of Centralized Weight, it bursted quite a lot. I believe the metal in the driver is what's causing all of this trouble, but I can't be certain. Also, something that I couldn't record was the performance. Because of the uncommon stadium I used, there were several moments where Y2 hit a wall, or got close to a KO, but then recovered quickly. While this is just speculation, I believe that the combo may be susceptible to KOs while in the Standard Burst Stadium.

From these tests, I've come to the conclusions that:
> The bey is susceptible to bursts from combos of the same height.
> If the combo isn't burst quickly, it can evade attacks from most mobile combos.
> The best counter may be Dm-S because it has the height to make layer-to-layer contact, and can also switch to a lower height to cover more opponents.
Can you try it against Xcalius X2 Force Evolution-SP
(Mar. 21, 2021  2:14 AM)DeltaZakuro Wrote: [ -> ]Can you try it against Xcalius X2 Force Evolution-SP

Sorry, can't. I don't have X2, and the stadium I use can lead to inconclusive results.