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Full Version: i heard Ryuga is gonna be come a gewddy 2 shoes... this aint gewd... or is it?!
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LOL, they got a HUGE problem, ryuga has the physco loonatic voice in teh eng version...
if hez gonna be gewd hez gonna be like vizard ichigo... O.O''

but using it on a gewddy 2 shoes... its something new lol, like ginga c0cky & arrogant voice... weird choice for a main character lmaolol...
remember why i stopped coming here now
Learn to write ... Some people are not anglophones here.

Moreover, we do not need a whole topic on whether Ryuuga becoming 'good' is the best thing or not. The answers are quite obvious, and we have not even seen him yet in Explosion anyway, so we could only judge how well he was 'transformed' after he will have appeared again.