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Full Version: A Return... with interest.
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Hey, I've been away from here for a long while. Basically dropping off the face of this during MFB. However I do have a reason and its related to my return. I'm now back after last I checked 8 years with my son. Surprise surprise the little guy now aged 6 is interested in beyblade and as such I've gotten both Takara and Hasbro blades from recent Burst to peak his interest. As such I'm hoping for redirects to some of the more recent tournament legal building guides and the like along with some of the current ideas behind the meta so he can get started right and I can beat off the rust.  Current build I'm sporting is a Cosmo Dragon 0 Orbit Retsu and his is a Grand Valkyrie Zenith Revolve Ten. At least I think thats what the parts are from matching them to the charts. Any feed back and suggestions would be greatly appreciated on where to take these builds in the future.