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Full Version: When not to 'Dash' Driver
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I think with the release of the Quick driver is a good time to talk about when not to use a dash driver.

The only time not using a dash driver would be suggested is during a deck format tournament or with a double chassis

In both WBO and WBBA rules


  1. [font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Choose 3 Beyblades[/font][font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]: Build [/font][font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]up to 3 Beyblades[/font][font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif] with no repeating parts that will make up your [/font][font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]deck [/font][font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]for the match.[/font]

  1. You cannot use the same part more than once in 5 Beys. (Excluding god chip, level chip and chip core)

This means if you're doing a 3v3 Beyblade deck tournament you cant have 3 Destroy drivers in your deck BUT you can have a Destroy AND Destroy'

Mainly because these two drivers are considered different one being Dash and one being standard

This goes with the new High and Metal drivers.

So in if you just wana but nutty you can have a 3v3 deck of High Jaggy', Jaggy' and Jaggy

BUT at least for WBBA you can't have A Xc' Xc'X+ and XcX+ Deck

The reasoning behind that is because in WBBA you can remove frames mid game
  1. It is possible to switch parts that can change modes and attach / detach the frame / level chip for each battle.  In addition, please do these actions that involve the separation of the bay within the time specified by the judge.

This means if you were to do an Xc' Xc'X+ and XcX+ Deck it would break the rules because there are 2 Xc' and 2 X+

Now the other thing to consider when using a Non Dash driver is what to use it on.

Personally I would say to us a non dash driver on a Double Chassis because they are low risk to burst.

This means Rage Longinus Ds 3A is better than Rage Longinus Ds' 3A in your deck because it lets you use Destroy' on something else that would need it more for 3V3 mainly something that is more prone to bursting.

Rage Longinus Ds 3A
Imperial Dragon 00 Expand Ds'
[Third Beyblade]

So for those that love certain drivers that don't have Dash versions but are worried about bursting I highly recommend trying them out on double chassis

Me personally I love the Anchor driver with a 1A chassis.

I hope this has helped you guys consider non dash drivers more in your deck and not to consider the new Qc driver as Garbage!