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Full Version: Beylogger Launch Error
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Hey everyone, new blader here, first post! I just got a Beylogger, regardless of its upcoming discontinuing, because it adds a nice weight to my launcher and it looks nice and it’s rare so I can show it off  :3 (tehe)

Anyway, I realize a timer starts when you attach a Bey to your launcher however this is where my issue begins. After testing I’ve learned:

  1. Regardless of Beylogger timing (green->yellow->red) when I launch, it will read weak launches (green light) and average launches (yellow and green lights) perfectly fine regardless of when I launch on green or red or off timer cycle
  2. However, It won’t read my harder launches unless it’s on the specific timer.
  3. Even when I do launch according to timer, 90% of the time I get a red flashing light error.
What’s my issue? Why doesn’t it read my harder launches with consistency? Even sometimes my medium and light launches won’t record. I know it’s not a big deal as the beylogger will be discontinued soon but I want to be able to see those flashing lights for a hard launch consistently!
Which version of the Beylogger do you have and what launcher are you using it with?
(Feb. 28, 2021  3:30 AM)BeyCrafter Wrote: [ -> ]Which version of the Beylogger do you have and what launcher are you using it with?

I’m using the original Beylogger with the Gold L/R long string version String Launcher
I figured it out, here’s my discovery on Reddit:
(Mar. 02, 2021  12:46 AM)Penis Wrote: [ -> ]I don’t use beylogger

I figured it out: