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Full Version: Dranzer MS Question
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Hello bladebreakers,
I need to ask few simple questions.

1. Recently I tried buying a Dranzer ms but it was loose.  ( the AR and WD are not tightly fit and if I hold the Beyblade by core and shake it then it produces a clinking sound because of this loosiness) . I talked to the seller he told me that " TT bey's are like this and the face bolt (I know there are no face bolts in hms but I am still calling that thing a face bolt since it serves the same function) in TT bey's never makes the bey tight enough . There is always some loosiness present even in new sealed product . The loosiness is not a defect but a feature. "... Is this true or is he making lame excuses because I have seen many videos of Dranzer ms in youtube and it didn't seem to be like it.

2. On the downside of the attack ring as well as on the launcher "Takara Tomy 2003 China" was imprinted.
Do TT bey's were manufactured in China back then or I am getting a fake replica?

By the way don't misinterpret this loose with the "loose" used to describe opened packaging Beyblade.

And , if anyone's wondering how did I manage to get such a deep hands on experience with the bey before even buying ? 

The answer is the seller lives nearby so I went to see the actual condition of the bey before buying.

Please tell me so that I can make my final decision of buying. 

Thankyou in advance to everyone .