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Full Version: Concept Combos
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So I had these ideas of ultimate combos, which are my opinion. They use either God layers, Cho-Z, or GT.

Just so you know, these were all tested in Hasbro form.

Here I have the Ultimate Bolt Attack:
Boom Khalzar(Can't spell the TT name) 2 Dagger Sword(Or Extreme if you want more speed)
The reason I chose this combo is because when it gets halfway to bursting, it all lines up into one big attack, both ways.

I have a few Attack combos, which I will mention here:
Siege Excalibur 7 Bump Extreme, which burst StrikeĀ God Valkyrie 7 Vortex Reboot in one hit when I tested it as a Hasbruh combo.

This one I haven't tested yet, so let me know how it goes

Strike God Valkyrie Blitz(Hasbro) Axe Ul'

Perfect Phoenix Outer Atomic

Drain Fafnir Outer Atomic

Valkyrie Magnum Extreme(3 way points when halfway, or more defense if using a Defense driver)

Hell Salamander Outer Eternal

These are some of the combos I tested, and Ik there's a lot of Outer(defensive/stamina drivers), but they've all been tested, except for the Strike God Valkyrie, which you can replace with any other Valkyrie after Strike God.

Let me know what you think
Ultimate Meteo L-drago Combo: Meteo L-drago 00 Proof Drift