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Full Version: Selling a few spares(HMS mostly)
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Bid please.
Currently, I am selling:
Dranzer MS
Advance Guardian
Spare Parts:
Seaborg 2 AR
10 Balance
SG Semiflat
Wolborg MS AR
Some launchers for both HMS and Plastics
Even though it is mostly clear in your title, you need to use a proper prefix.
A bit interested in 10Balance, I've been looking for another one.
Sorry, but I was in a rush to leave and forgot to use the prefix. When I'm going back to edit, though, that dropbox isn't showing up. What's going on?
EDIT: 10 Balance isn't that great, is it? Have been gone awhile, but I don't think it's too useful. If you want it, though, then bid. Grin
It's okay for bigger stadiums, it up's endurance for a loss of survival.
That doesn't make any sense. Uncertain but whatever.
You guys know why I can't add this tag/prefix?
I did it for you, not sure why it wouldn't work for you.
IDK, thought it was the browser, but I downloaded the latest firefox and it still didn't show up. I've just got bad luck, I bet. XD
Anyway, thanks. Smile
What weight is the sea dragon CWD?
(May. 28, 2010  3:36 AM)Robsta Wrote: [ -> ]What weight is the sea dragon CWD?