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Full Version: Hms Tornado Balance
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Ive been hoping to get a bey stadium but im kinda weak on the cash like I only have $30
so ive been hoping to get this notorious one.Ive seen it in many videos and i know that the s version is like really freking small so yeah... .
Have you looked online? Like eBay and other sites of that orientation?
yep ebay amazon ect ect but it doesnt seem to show
You're going to get pretty lucky if you find one.

They aren't too easy to come by these days.
yeh I used to blade and I had like 7 stadiums i think they were dranzer,dragoon,earthquake,that mobile one,the storm dragoon,the tornado balance-s,and a few more i think
Did they all find their way to the trashcan over the years?

Sorry for your losses Unhappy
Very hard to find one these days. You'd probably be better saving up and getting a set with an attack stadium in.
actually I have no idea where they went and yeh thats what everyone says about tornado balance's buy an attack stadium