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Full Version: Takara Tomy Original Codes Metal Series 09.01.21
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Scythe Kronos: G1511
Big Bang Pegasus: L1511
Gravity Perseus: L1010
Ray Striker: L1010
Death Quetzalcoatl: K0311
Diablo Nemesis: K2411

Mid-fakes (TT Beyblades with issues + different alloys):

Seen on all + SonoKong Beat Lynx and Fusion Hades: A0813

Phantom Orion: J1314
Death Quetzalcoatl: 1314
Meteo L-Drago: I2814
Storm Pegasus (New Boy "arabic version"): K1910

I will update the Information as soon as possible.

I saved the sources of the pictures (code + bey).

Good Luck.

Additional Information:

April 5, 2009 – March 28, 2010 (Metal Fusion)
April 4, 2010 – March 27, 2011 (Metal Masters)
April 3, 2011 – April 1, 2012 (Metal Fury)

What do the codes mean?


Manufacturing plant (OEM factory): A
Week of production: 08 -> eight week in a year (february)
Year: 13 -> 2013
How about lightning l drago K2410 is the bey real
Dude, the storm Pegasus TT Arabic is legit

(Jun. 03, 2021  8:29 PM)Dylan S Wrote: [ -> ]How about lightning l drago K2410 is the bey real

Should be , it looks like their were two l drago release k2410 & k2510 of the TT Arabic new boys vers . The only midfakes that exist is TT JP and TT sonokong but the sono has less midfakes so it easier to spot.