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Full Version: Draciel S Testing & Discussion
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I found Guard Draciel at my local Walmart, so like someone who would rather warm up with a nice appetizer or side dish before eating the main course I decided to test the Layer briefly before moving on to the Driver.

Draciel S Limited Xtreme vs. Unicrest Gravity Ωcta
DcS.L.X: 3 wins (1 KO, 2 Burst)
U.G.Ω: 12 wins (8 OS, 4 Burst)
DcS.L.X win rate: 20%

Xcalius Heavy Xtreme vs. Unicrest Gravity Ωcta
X.H.X: 6 wins (4 KO, 2 Burst)
U.G.Ω: 9 wins (4 OS, 5 Burst)
4 ties redone
X.H.X win rate: 40%

Draciel S Gravity Ωcta vs. Xcalius Heavy Xtreme
DcS.G.Ω: 9 wins (5 OS, 4 Burst)
X.H.X: 6 wins (4 KO, 2 Burst)
DcS.G.Ω win rate: 60%

Draciel S Heavy Eternal-S vs Driger S Heavy Eternal
DcS.H.Et-S: 1 win (OS)
DrS.H.Et: 9 wins (7 OS, 2 Burst)
3 ties redone
DcS.H.Et-S win rate: 10%

Draciel S Spread Orbit vs Dark Deathscyther Spread Orbit
DcS.S.O: 0 wins
D2.S.O: 10 wins (all OS)
DcS.S.O win rate: 0%

Aside from being a little harder to burst than I expected, I was pretty unimpressed by Draciel S. Although it performed pretty much the same as Unicrest in the Attack/Defense matchup idk how much of that was the weight based setup doing the work. Xcalius seemed to have trouble moving G.Ω no matter what I put on top, so maybe something with more Burst Attack could deal with it better.