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Full Version: Why do the weight disks on OG Era Beyblade’s have big gaps?
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Why do the metal parts on Original Bakuten Shoot Beyblade have big gaps like the 10 wide. They look so fragile, barely any reinforcement, and the same can be said about HMS Beyblades there are so many big gaps in Dranzer MS that i'm afraid to use it against MFB Beyblades. Was this a cost-saving measure? Technology sure has come a long way with the new Beyblades using Polycarbonate Plastic and reinforced parts. Also, has a Beyblade broke on you? If so which one?
At a guess two main reasons and a third factor:

- Reduce the material used for the cost of the parts
- Reduce the mass of the part so it isn't overpowering or dangerous (I've made 200g all Stainless Steel tops in the past, they're dangerous!)
- Help the dimensional stability of the parts during manufacture, hot manufacturing processes like to have fairly continuous wall sections so they cool evenly without distortion or damage.

In the plastic generation the wings of the Wolborg attack ring were really weak, and several of the wide weight disks I was able to break by hand, not sure if the material or age was at fault here.
Thanks for the reply i really like what you're doing. I think Plastic and HMS really lacked the extra metal and reinforcement. That it could have benefited from like Dranzer MS. But you're telling me if there are zero gaps and with those high attack power shapes with the original design as MFB is much more rounded. It is more likely to cause problems. Is that correct?