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Full Version: The Fire Festival - Tournament Report
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From an Organizer's Perspective: 

It was a bit frustrating at first because we had a couple of late arrivals and some Challonge issues. I was zooming around trying to make sure everyone was where they needed to be. I forgot my stadium labels and my tape xD 

Ultimately though it ended up going very well. We quickly got it back under control and had a good time. We ran 3 tables at the same time, mostly due to the amount of 5G boxes I had available, which are not easy to put together and clean lemme tell ya lol But the matches ended up going smoothly once we did. I had to work to make good time once we made it to the final 8 and I was exhausted, but that's what I signed up for as an Organizer and at the end of the day everyone told me they had a fun time. 

We had a few newcomers I had never seen before which was awesome! I love when new people come out and get to blade. Some were discouraged at their performances but I made sure to encourage them as I have had my fair share of losses myself. 

From a Player's Perspective: 

As a player I had a flippin' blast. I quite enjoy the 5G format myself and it is always fun to see how many different combos are used, especially the ones you wouldn't normally see in a Standard tournament. I only lost once and ended up coming in second myself, so I was pretty proud. 

I had two great matches with UnionAchilles. I beat him 3-0 in the prelims but he managed to predict the order I'd put my beys in and beat me 5-2 in the finals. He put up a serious fight as did everyone.

Shoutout to -Fireblaze- and his deck comprised entirely of MFB remakes lol It was awesome to watch and play against. 

Some fun pictures:

Favorite matches: 

FireKingArd v UnionAchilles
Both my matches against UnionAchilles were serious battles with several replays between his Tempest combo and my Master Combo (Both on Wheel Zn'+Z) 

Conce7 v Cdrago
The match between Conce7 and Cdrago during the finals rounds was actually great. Conce7 being one of the super young players actually put up a great fight and almost came back to beat Cdrago. It was a crushing defeat but fun nonetheless.

CosmoDragon v UnionAchilles
CosmoDragon also put up a valiant fight against UnionAchilles. We thought he was going to win for a minute as they were neck and neck in their intense battle. Definitely an underrated one for sure.

Cscramon v UnionAchilles and Cscramon v Nyxium
Battles between these guys are always intense and have to be mentioned as they all put out some ferocious combinations in their matches. 

Winning Combinations: 

1st. Union Achilles

2nd. FireKingArd

3rd. Cscramon
Awesome stuff guys
Interesting to see burn Phoenix
It was a great tournament indeed. 5G was great. I feel this type of tournaments should be done more often. It really takes your strategy to another level. You have to think launch angle, strategy, and trajectory in less than 10 seconds after seeing what your opponent get out of the box. It is intenses, especially when your opponent have the edge on you. And yes, Cdrago better watch out next time hahahaha the little kid came back from 4-1 to 5-4. It was fun. Kudos guys!