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Full Version: Driger G (black edition) - Draciel G (dark green edition)
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Driger G from Hasbro, rare black edition:
Used little
In great shape, just a small scratch in the AR (it can be seen in the fourth picture)
Stickers in fair condition
Perfectly working engine gear.

[Image: dscn0147d.jpg]
More pictures:

Price: €45 (about £39/$56) (shipping excluded)

Draciel G from Hasbro, rare dark green edition:
Used little
In perfect shape, not even a scratch
Stickers in good condition
In the base, in those two little holes, there were two tiny metal balls that fell off (as seen in the second picture), but they were purely esthetical
One of the prongs that connects the EG to the CEW (the tip) broke (as seen in the fourth picture), but it works very well anyway, the are no balance problems, and the tip doesn't come off by itself

[Image: dscn0152e.jpg]
More pictures:

Price: €20 (about £16/$24) (shipping excluded)

Special price for the two together: €60 (about £49/$72) (shipping excluded)

I'm in Italy
I accept trading (especially from Europe)
Used Ez launcher and ripcord free with purchase, it you want it Wink
I think the draciel is a bit pricey on account of the engine gear tab being broken and the base missing it's metal balls.
hm..that driger is over attepting, will be perfect in my collection.....but i cant spend that much on one beyblade right now.

intrests in trades? hahahaha i own no MFBs but i have abit of plastics some off colors in dranzers never used not even built. hit me up with what you are looking for. i really want that driger!
Bump and price drop for Draciel G Smile
Sorry dude but I don't think any one is gonna buy these for the prices you want especially since they're kinda broken and not mint.
i got driger g black for 2.50 nib -__-
you sure it wasn't a tt hongli?

Also, i will have to agree with megablader2. It is highly unlikely someone will pay that much for used beyblades, especially the draciel.
He probably just got a good deal on ebay momiji.
Well, I'm not in a hurry to sell these beys, so I know what I'm doing. Thanks for the advice, anyway Wink
You would probably get a better deal on ebay. Try selling them there, I bet they would get bought for at least £20 each, especially since both are rare on non american ebay sites.
it was hasbro like really if u look around some stores they might have old stuff thats were i got mine
(Jun. 12, 2010  5:59 AM)momiji manju Wrote: [ -> ]you sure it wasn't a tt hongli?

I got a NIB Bistool for $8 with shipping on eBay, it's not that unbelievable.
Ah fair enough, sorry. The only beys ic on ebay, besides the ones that are always there tend to b pricey
Most sellers don't know anything about the hobby, shoot them a message with an offer, and most are willing to oblige.
It's also how I got a Hasbro bearing Stinger (Lightly used) for $10.