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Full Version: Charge' Testing and Discussion
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Yeah while I was testing High Blow', I decided to test Charge'. Again, I'll post this Assault' test for comparison:

Quote:Odin.Heavy.Assault' vs Dark Deathscyther.Spread.Revolve
(Odin launched second)
O.H.assault': 7 wins (7 OS)
D2.S.R: 3 wins (3 OS)
Ties: 0
Notes: Yeah I admit I can see why the driver is banned. Its kind of a shame though because using Assault' is really fun.

I used Knuckle and Spread with Charge' due the burst risk posed by the driver's high weight.

Odin.Knuckle.Charge' vs Dark Deathscyther.Spread.Revolve
(Odin launched second)
O.K.Ch': 3 wins (3 OS)
D2.S.R: 7 wins (7 OS)
Ties: 0

Odin.Spread.Charge' vs Victory Valkyrie.Knuckle.Quick'
(Odin launched second)
O.S.Ch': 5 wins (4 OS, 1 KO)
V2.K.Qc': 5 wins (3 OS, 2 KO)
Ties: 0

Yeah this driver seems fine to me. Dies if put off balance, can't stall out due to the bottom of the driver rubbing on the storm ridge, and doesn't have enough stamina.