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Full Version: Connecticut This Toy Life Beyblade Tournament @ This Toy Life -11/7/2020
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This Toy Life Beyblade Tournament

Spread Sheet

Good turnout.

Outdoor parking lot at This Toy Life people came from all over which was unexpected. Most of the people who moved up in the Round Robin used the same beyblade which might be good for data collecting. Which I will add in the winning combos list.

challonge was slow and service was bad so the tournament ended around 3:30
Could have breezed through it quicker if it went faster.

Most adults Self KO from launching too powerfully with attack drivers.

There was a small level of rudeness from kids who kept talking about "cheaper places to get TT beys"

While I get online is cheaper this was a small brick and mortar store that sold beyblade boosters for $30 and parts ranging from $5-30. The owner loves beyblades but also has to pay rent and sells vintage toys so most things are priced a bit less but around ebay prices.

That being said. That person's kid ended up buying beyblade stuff from his store despite talking about online stores. so (shrug)

Overall, good time and good venue. If anyone is in the CT area Highly Recommend.

Winning Combos Final 4 Used For Round Robin

Rage Longinus Xceed 3A
Vik T 
Hell Salamander Outer Universe
World Diabolos Paradox Mobius 1D
Flame Sagittario 00Proof Keep'

Winning Combos Top 3

1st: Ace0113
Rage Longinus Xceed 3A
King Helios Atomic 1B (Deck Format Finals Only)
Mirage Fafnir Zone 2S (Deck Format Finals Only)

2nd: Vik T
Hell Salamander Outer Universe
Mirage Diabolos Mobius 2S (Deck Format Finals Only)
Knockout Valkyrie Gravity Weight Sen (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: superrobotking
World Diabolos Paradox Mobius 1D
Knockout Diabolos Wheel Nothing Go (Deck Format Finals Only)
Tempest Diabolos Spiral' 2A (Deck Format Finals Only)
[Level Chip] Air Knight Around Keep' (Deck Format Finals Only)
wow suprised to hell salamander was it just the the stock rb 22 version?
(Nov. 11, 2020  11:02 PM)Phantomflame Wrote: [ -> ]wow suprised to hell salamander was it just the the stock rb 22 version?

Yeah a lot of people play stock here because the community more or less just started. It won also because it was in Def against lots of right spins