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Full Version: Abbard Wishlist
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Hi everyone, i'm an italian member of this forum and i'm searching for these beyblades:

- Spike Lizard
[Image: spikelizard.jpg]

[Image: oceanz.jpg]

- Magical Ape MS
[Image: magicalapems2.jpg]

If you have any of them, please PM me with the price you sell it and the photos, i pay with Paypal.
Thank You
wishlist updated
You do realize how extremly rare poseidon is? Same with wide defence. Draciel G isn't that hard to find though. Look around the threads to find people selling these since you've had no luck yet. Blitz is selling a purple poseidon, although he is in the Uk so it will cost you a lot to buy eg $40 at least
Wide Defense is everywhere, unplated ones are harder to find though.
No it isn't. It wasn't released with any of the common blades.
I know, but more than one member on here has a few to spare.
UP. I'm looking for a Spike Lizard also
jr tiger have them for sell with some more beys..
PM me for offers. I have a nib spike lizzard.
if you are intereste4d i own one check my sellers thread
Gianmarco is selling a magical ape.