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Full Version: I've left WBO!
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You guys have probably noticed I've not been posting lately. Just checking in to say that I'm done with Beyblade and the WBO to focus on improving my personal and professional life and explore other hobbies. It's been great everyone; bye!
Ah, this is sudden, even though I've been expecting Brad to leave someday. Unhappy
I'm sure many WBO members (including me) will miss you very much.
I wish you all the best.
Goodbye Bey Brad and Thank You for what you've done for the WBO! Smile

This is truly sad news... I hope everything goes well with your life. We'll all miss you, Brad!
sniff-sniff i will missss you bye so long,have a good day hope you find another hobby and start playing battle striker metal xs in sa

best regards

Aww, I'm sure we'll still chat now and then, and this is a totally understandable move but still, your presence in the forums will be missed. *hugs*
Good luck in all your future endeavors.
This basically means start your own battling toy line so you can hire me as a packaging and promo designer Wink
bye bye brad
Bye Brad wish you the best with Battle Strikers! Grin
Caio Man.
Nice knowing you for these few couple months I been here.
And thanks for creating this site which brought all of us bladers back together.
Enjoy what ever life brings you to next.
Oh how i shall miss your witty banter. Congratulations and thank you for creating this wonderful site full of wonderful people. I'll see you on Striker Axis.
I'm kind of surprised it took this long, honestly. lol

Anyway, good luck and I'll see ya around.
Wonder if they're will be a Brad Day, from now on...?

Well, Brad, you're the best person I've been verbally pwned by. Seriously, you're a great guy.

Like all the others said, good luck with your life in general Joyful_3
Bye Brad, thanks for what you have done with WBO Smile Good luck!
Thanks BeyBrad!
I was expecting this, so I'm not very surprised...

Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we'll miss you very much. Unhappy
Thanks for everything you've done for us. Smile

Good luck and best wishes! Joyful_3
Bye brad, good luck in the future Wink
Thank you for everything, and good luck with everything else.
So sad, we'll really miss you, the banter has been great, but as above, I'm not at all surprised and and wish you all the best. I'm not sure anyone will ever beat your 28,358 posts and all of the 6 Months, 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 18 Hours, 16 Minutes and 4 Seconds have been worth it in my eyes.

Please visit us from time to time you've really created something special.
See ya, in memory of you I'll do my best to not make retarded posts. No promises though. Wink

Thanks for everything man. Grin
I expected this, after not seeing you online for quite some time.

It's sad to see you go, but it's understandable why.
Good luck with all your future endeavors and I hope you're happy wherever you are. Smile
Good luck man and thanks for making all this possible Wink
I wish you the best of luck!!! I love to read every single one of your posts because they're always so funny and epic.If you ever have your own Toy company I'm always available.Thank you for making all of this possible.
I will miss you! Grin
Been an interesting year, huh Brad? Best of luck to you.

have fun in battle strikers...

you can make it everything you thought beyblade lacked
i will miss you and your epic posts thanks for everything
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