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Full Version: Odin Knuckle Universe
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The Ultimate defense king is here

Equipment used:
B-33 Recolor Black TT
Digital Sword Launcher (Odin Combo)
B-169 Starter Launcher w/ VL.Mb.2D (Opponent)

O.K.Un vs Odin Heavy Defense

Odin.Un:70% (1 K.O 1 B.F 5 O.S)

Odin.DEfense:30% (2 O.S 1 K.O)

It Beat it! Though the O.H.D put up a good fight! Smile

O.K.Un vs Deathcsizer Armed Bullet

Odin:100% (5 B.F 3 O.S 2 K.Os)


Deathcsizer got shut 👇 

Odin knuckle universe vs Victory Valkyrie Triple Xtreme

Odin:80% (Did not keep track,Mostly Bursts)

Valkyrie:20% (Explained)