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Full Version: Pls help me
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What Beyblade is better when it comes to power DOOMSCIZER D2 or FORNEUS F4
Maybe Forneus F4?
(Sep. 26, 2020  1:01 PM)Dank_0taku45 Wrote: [ -> ]What Beyblade is better when it comes to power DOOMSCIZER D2 or FORNEUS F4
I'll do the testing.
Doomscizor d2
(Sep. 26, 2020  1:28 PM)蒼井バルト Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe Forneus F4?

the FORNEUS F4 can only overpower the doomsczicor d2 when it is in slingshock but when it comes to power in its normal state, the doomszicor d2 is better I think

(Sep. 27, 2020  3:34 AM)dglunt34 Wrote: [ -> ]Doomscizor d2
Thx : )
I mean, the full combos matter some but overall it's going to be Forneus F4 in most cases.

Doomscizor D2 is decently tanky, but Forneus F4 is even more so with its rounder shape. Stock combo wise Forneus F4 dominates with the powerful meta-worthy 0 disk and Yard-S driver (which is second only to Atomic/Atomic-S), while Doomscizor's Force/Jaggy and Limited/Orbit releases are far weaker (Though Orbit is just below Yard-S in power and third among Hasbro roller ball drivers if you count Atomic and Atomic-S as the same thing).

There's really no competition, Forneus F4 is in another class altogether well above Doomscizor D2 or the Hasbro Doomscizor line altogether. Hasbro really didn't do Doomscizor justice very well, while stock Forneus F4 can actually dominate and defeat its TT metal-clad equivalent more often than not despite the significant weight difference and lack of metal on its layer.