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Full Version: WBBA Rule Update 09/2020
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I Translated the 09/2020 Beyblades rules and regulations most are grammatical changes which I will continue to update but I quickly updated the rules based on the 07/2020 rules.

09/2020 Rules

Key changes:
"Parts that are deformed after shooting and can be restored after battle should be restored to their original state before shooting."

Here are the rules for the 07/2020 version in this post

07/2020 Rules Thread
Basically this means Tempest's blades have to be reset between battles.
pretty simple changes.
(Sep. 23, 2020  10:08 PM)AirKingNeo Wrote: [ -> ]Basically this means Tempest's blades have to be reset between battles.
Well Tempest is better unawakened anyway.
Good to know! I'm learning so much from these forums!
I'm a big fan of these rules mainly because they're so simple. One of the problems people have with WBO rules are the ring out rules about about hitting pocket counting as a loss and becomes a thing of debate.

With WBBA the rule is simple "The opponent's Bey is in contact with the ground other than the stadium"
Agree, becomes a fit confusing unless you video it
I realized the link wasnt open for sharing. Fixed for those that wish to read.