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Full Version: Custom dishes
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Our new home will have a games room and I’m keen to include a permanent bey dish. I would like it to be larger than standard size more like the TV shows and I intent to line it with a low friction material such as silicone.

I’m looking for inspiration. 

Show me your custom arenas.
Although I don’t have a custom stadium, check out this YouTube video. He makes them custom & they look fantastic.

These are large stadiums you can buy if you decide not to build yourself. Both are about double the size of a TT standard:

TOYMECA Decagon bey Battle Stadium Large Size for battling top Blade 25" for 4~6 Kids

If you’d just like some inspiration, this is my favorite “anime style” stadium:
When I eventually get round to making a coffee table for my living room, building a stadium / dish into it is my plan. Not on the big side as most of the action happens near the centre. Lighting and a camera stand I'd like incorporated into it too, removeable and with a cover so it can be used as a table.