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Full Version: Emperor Forneus Testing
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(Note: Emperor Forneus is currently banned in Burst Limited as of the posting of these results.)

I checked the weight and the teeth strength of Emperor Forneus and thought, "Why wasn't this considered to be unbanned? Shining/Shadow Amaterios has way better weight distribution and teeth, and that layer is on the edge of being banned." But since I want a viable right spin defensive layer to exist (Alter Chronos is not good enough), I'm going to test Emperor Forneus.

Unfortunately, I do not own Deep Chaos (for same spin stamina test) nor do I own a Level chip to use on Forneus. Though I am a bit surprised level chips are allowed; I would have thought they'd be banned as a way to nerf Cho-Z layers.

Same Spin Test
I decided to use Orbit since there's a difference between my two Atomic drivers, one being more free spinning than the other.

Emperor Forneus.Outer.Orbit vs Shining Amaterios.Outer.Orbit
(bottom parts swapped after 5 rounds)
(Simultaneous Launching)
eF.outer.O: 8 wins (8 OS)
sA.outer.O: 2 wins (2 OS)
Ties: 0

Emperor Forneus.Outer.Orbit vs Twin Nemesis.Outer.Orbit
(bottom parts swapped after 5 rounds)
(Simultaneous Launching)
eF.outer.O: 6 wins (6 OS)
tN.outer.O: 4 wins (4 OS)
Ties: 1

Opposite Spin Test

Emperor Forneus.Outer.Eternal vs Drain Fafnir.Outer.Eternal
(bottom parts swapped after 5 rounds)
(Alternating launches)
eF.outer.Et: 6 wins (6 OS)
dF.outer.Et: 4 wins (4 OS)
Ties: 2

Vs Attack Test

Emperor Forneus.00Proof.Atomic vs Twin Nemesis.Outer.Assault'
(tN launched 2nd always)
eF.00P.At: 9
tN.outer.assault': 1
Ties: 0

Emperor Forneus.00Proof.Atomic vs Sieg Xcalibur.00Bump.Xtreme'
(sX launched 2nd always)
eF.00P.At: 4 wins (4 OS)
sX.00B.X': 6 wins (4 KO, 2 BF)
Ties: 0

Overall, it seems like Forneus has much better stamina than I expected likely due to its smooth shape. It also seems to have decent to good LAD as well. Not sure if it should be unbanned for Limited given how handily beat a mixed attacker combo on Atomic and its strong same spin stamina test results, but I thought I would document my testing.
Try it on 00Cross.Destroy’. Let’s see how it does, as someone did well in a standard tournament with it.