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Full Version: αmaterios Discussion (BSC)
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αmaterios was always a weird Layer due to how unavailable it was for its time, and since it wasn't a mandatory must have most people didn't go out of their way to get one unless they won it, and by the time it became more widely available it was outclassed. Now that it has a whole bunch of new Drivers to use in Classic, I wanted to give it another look.

I thought it would be best to try it as a sort of Anti-Attack type of combo, as Hyper xeno said during Beyblade East that it is "so good for not bursting and being a Defense/Attack type" while using it on Zeta'. 1234beyblade also used it on X' briefly at least once to defeat BladerBeast's V2 on X' during HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 11. I briefly tried it on Yell Quick' as a more of a traditional Anti-Attacker, but was consistently getting bursted by Spriggan on X' for some reason. I eventually settled on αmaterios Quarter Keep' as a quirky kind of Anti-Attacker/Burst Attacker combo. The idea was to have enough KO Defense/Anti Attack between Kp' and αmaterios to resist KO Attackers while using Kp's strong spring and semi-aggressive movements to burst stationary Stamina combos and Burst/KO Burst Attackers.

αmaterios Quarter Keep' vs. Spriggan Limited Xtreme'
α.Q.Kp': 15 wins (10 Burst, 2 KO, 3 OS)
S.L.X': 5 wins (2 Burst, 3 KO)
3 ties redone
α.Q.Kp' win rate: 75%

It did a much better job of splattering Spriggan on Kp' than it did on Qc', and I noticed that it kind of had that pincushion effect that G2 also has with Attack. However, it was a little too close to bursting in a lot of these matches for my liking and it seemed like G2 itself would probably perform better in the same matchup, unless Quarter is actually just way worse than I think it is.

αmaterios Quarter Keep' vs. Acid Anubis Knuckle Revolve
α.Q.Kp': 1 win (Burst)
A2.K.R: 9 wins (all OS)
α.Q.Kp' win rate: 10%

For this test I sliding shot and moderately launched A2 to help it avoid αmaterios a bit better. However:
(Jun. 02, 2019  5:27 AM)Wombat Wrote: [ -> ]Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Keep vs . Neptune Gravity Revolve
V2.K.Kp: 3 wins (2 KO, 1 OS)
N.G.R: 7 wins (1 KO, 5 OS, 1 Burst)
V2.K.Kp win rate: 30%

I stopped this after 10 rounds because the combo wasn't performing how I wanted it to. Maybe I need to wear in my Keep a bit more so the rubber gets a bit softer/flatter but I could not make it move in a way that would let it KO even Neptune Revolve consistently. And in the case of controllability for Attack you might be better off using like, Hunter' since that's less likely to self burst too.
The free spinning nature of Keep actually means that it doesn't hold a flower pattern very well compared to something fixed in place like RB from MFB, and this was pretty evident in this matchup. It was also here that I realized that in and of itself αmaterios' Burst Attack is not very impressive.

αmaterios Quarter Keep' vs Driger S Heavy Revolve
α.Q.Kp': 6 wins (2 Burst, 4 OS)
DrS.H.R: 14 wins (all OS)
1 tie redone
α.Q.Kp' win rate: 30%

As Driger has less stamina than A2 and Kp' is still kind of a ball shaped tip, the outspins weren't too surprising but where I found the combo really fell short was in its ability to burst Driger.

αmaterios Heavy Keep' vs. Spryzen S2 Gravity Iron
α.H.Kp': 6 wins (3 Burst 3 OS)
S2.G.Ir: 14 wins (3 KO 1 Burst 10 OS)
2 ties redone
α.H.Kp' win rate: 30%

Basically, the only chance αmaterios has against a mixed attacker like this is to hard launch and hope to interrupt their stall, which can either lead to them losing stamina with contact or possibly self-burst. I also alternated launches for these and all of αmaterios' OSes came from when it was launched second. I even switched the Disk to Heavy for this match because I figured that would help out its solo spin time more than Quarter and it still lost.

From what I've found, αmaterios does seem to be at its best when up against an aggressive opponent, as its own burst resistance and kind of awkward shape make attackers tend to self-burst against it, a bit like G2 does. However, it doesn't have a ton of any kind of attack power itself, (I even tried α.Y.Qc' against A2.K.R for a few rounds without much success) and its stamina is pretty lacking as well. I personally wouldn't choose it over G2 or Q2 on either of the combos I tried with it. I kind of wonder how it'd perform on Ultimate Reboot'.

the leaning tower of pizza
I sadly don't have an αmaterios (yet, I'm getting one soon) but with me having been able to test one at a tourney a while ago, i can say that as an attacker, it lacks much attack power and the unique shape does interfere with stamina. however, with 5-pointed discs like yell and αero (and outside of classic, 5S/M and Paradox), it helps balance out the layer quite well. Some combos that i tested that did fairly well were:

α.Y.Pl (αmaterios Yell Planet)
Now yes, Planet is not a reliable driver, and it did cause some destabilization, yell helped balance out αmaterios. It stood up against the combo U.V.Rs, having been able to stamina finish it by taking the center first. Now, even with that said, the unreliability of planet makes this combo not recommended.

α.α.Mr' (αmaterios αero Merge')
This combo was, for my experience, the only attack combo that consistently worked. it could knockout combo's like DcF.V.Om (although this combo was made to simulate plastic gen draciel fortresses look and feel) and W.K.Kp. It had a semi-aggressive flower pattern, but it didn't last all that long. this combo was overall average.

α.G.Br (αmaterios Gravity Bearing)
This combo did the best of all of my tests. From what i could tell, the penta-wing shape deflected attacks and prevented bursts, while bearing allowed it to tilt and hit under the foe's layer, knocking them back. Bearing helped solve the stamina issue, and gravity gave it good weight. I like this combo personally, and will most likely do further testing soon.

Overall, the layer has potential, but in my honest opinion, the lack of great attack hurts it. Once my αmaterios comes in I'll test it on Ul', then I'll try it on more unorthodox combos.