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Full Version: MFB's @ AN/BWR
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Im new to MFB and Im looking to buy the following beyblades. If you have and are selling any of these (and are attending BRC @ Anime North or Live in toronto) Contact me.

New in box Prefered

Thermal Lacerta WA130HF (WANT THIS THE MOST)
Earth Aquilla 145WD
Lightning LDrago 100HF
Virgo DF145BS
Edit: Need a Metal Face as well.

Thanks for your time Stupid (Will be Paying in cash CDN)

Leave prices and pictures.
I think you mean BRC, not BWR. Wink

I might have an extra Thermal Lacerta ... not sure. Find me during AN and I'll let you know.
Alright thanks Kei Pm with a price if you find it.
Wouldn't mind getting a Metal Face, Lightning L Drago, or Earth Aquilla. lol