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Full Version: [Savannah , GA] Spiral Squad
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We are the Spiral Squad and where going to need more people in the Group. Tell me if you want to join.
I wish I could
Changing the name to The Superkings
How can i join
(Sep. 07, 2020  12:29 AM)xXimdoominicXx Wrote: [ -> ]How can i join

I’ll ask you 9 questions

I have 3 members (including me)

King (Me) - Leader
Doom (Doominic) Second in Command
Jose - Thrid in Command

New Member of the Superkings is Diego!
New member is Junior
Currently have 5 members
Team Photo
I would like to join
May I join I’m new to competitive beyblade I live by Atlanta and might move to either peach tree city or savanna I also use mostly burst beys but I also use metal fusion from time to time
May I Join ?
I would if I wasn't already in the most powerful team in America, the Bey-Busters
To everybody trying to join the team you can’t because it’s over
u can join me tho
can i join im new to this and don't know how
can i join
Yooo Let me join i got some good beys