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Full Version: [Sydney, Australia] - 6/ 5 / 10 - Beyblade comeback comp'
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Name: Beyblade comeback comp'
Date: 23rd of may 2010
Time 11:30AM - 3:30PM
Venue: Burwood Park. Right near the Train station Still don't know how to get there? Look it up on Google Maps or e-mail me! (look at the end of the post)
[Image: Screenshot2010-05-24at40703PM-1.png] Unedited picture :
And the link for directions or more of a feel where it is go to the google maps link: $6 au
Expected turnout: 17 bladers
Format: Round robin - If to many go will do round robin block system.
Attendance list:
momiji manju
Ricky(Signing up on the day)
Possible Attendees
Leah ( Will be signed up at the tournament )
Simon bro
Momiji friend
Other information: We're aiming for a all MFB competition, so try and buy a MFB before the tournament! If you don't have one, I'm sure I can or maybe someone else will kindly let you borrow a spare MFB of theres. If not enough have MFB we will do either open or just plastics. My e-mail address is so you can either email me or talk on MSN or ask here!
ha ha awesome! x] it's great everything ready now.
Awesome! Hope this tournament is a great success and that you all have a great time Smile
Might be able to come if I get enough money before the date of the tournament, and figure out where to stay, and borrowed a MFB cos I only have Galman still. XD
Awesome. Well, if you flew down with that air line i told you about it should cost $32 and as for the place you could find a place easily that wont cost much. Smile
UPDATED: Time has been added now. Smile
Hope this goes well, Smile I might be able to come but i doubt it.
Thanks! It would be awesome if you could make it up to the tournament!
Wish I was still Australia. :\
Any... prizes? Tongue_out
Hey this sounds great! I SHOULD be able to come, I'll know soon if I am free that day but what are the chances hay? cool thanks...Can you give us a link or list of illegal beyblades and wheels or whatever?
Grin xx
Beyblade baby: You should contact a staff about merging your account with beybi. illegal beyblades are shown in this and . Just basically don't use any Beyblade with modifications that are illegal and the Libra wheel. Also added Leah and Silverlining to the possible attendees.
(May. 12, 2010  2:22 AM)Raykon Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome. Well, if you flew down with that air line i told you about it should cost $32 and as for the place you could find a place easily that wont cost much. Smile
UPDATED: Time has been added now. Smile

$32 one way? or there and back...

Tired I hate when my family try and talk me out of it.
will there be any prizes
Possibly. I would need WBO's help though. If not I could work something out. Are you from Sydney ?
yes im from sydney just a few trainstations away from burwood
Awesome! I hope you can go! If you know anyone that would be interested please tell them about this.
i can only go if my parents let me
I'm really hoping I can make this one.
I currently don't have any MFB.
Awesome guys! I hope you both make it Smile. SKhunter, if your parents want to ask me anything I will be glad to answer them.
I'm also a reference, if that helps. I'm a bit older, so it might help with parental consent.
Yep. So ask me or momiji, also there will be a few that will be coming up on the day who have not registered. So I will just bring my laptop and sign them up on the day?
New banner added, give a thanks to Kai-V for it Smile
Thanks Kai-V xD looks great. Well worth the wait
Okay, I'm still trying to get more people for the tournament. I think I can get at least 4 more.
Wont be able to come, sorry. Unhappy
Bad news. A vast majority can't go on this date. I'm thinking of having the tournament on the 6th of June. Or earlier, so I can get heaps more people. Me and Momiji talked about it is cool with him. I've checked with all the people on the attendance list and it will work for nearly everyone and will end up working out better for everyone. Sorry for this. But it will work out better for everyone as this gives people more time. And Kai-V and I are working on prizes. I will post later today the confirmed, and definite date.
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