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Full Version: Ring - Brave
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Takara Tomy's Brave is a Right Spin Attack Type Ring that features three large wings as the primary points of contact, with rubber covering the beginning of each wing and the gaps between them, creating a shape with above average recoil. As part of the Superking Layer System, Brave is compatible with any Right Spin or Dual Spin Superking Chip and Chassis.

In theory, the three-sided shape and rubber would make Brave excel at delivering strong blows like many of its predecessors, but the front edges of its three wings don't protrude enough, which makes it face a problem similar to that of Winning Valkyrie. In addition, the rubber on Brave is relatively hard and doesn't seem to soften to a degree that changes its performance after wearing down through repetitive use. The secondary purpose of the rubber on Brave is to create a combination of the "Bound Attack" gimmick that God Valkyrie has and the "Bound Defense" gimmick that Screw Trident has. This should theoretically work by allowing the rubber to compress whenever one of the three wings is hit, but the rubber is too hard and thick for the gimmick to work as intended. On the plus side, Brave has a thick underside that allows it to hold itself and the attached Chip high enough to properly expose the teeth on the Chassis, granting great Burst Resistance. Due to the decently aggressive shape and good Burst Resistance, Brave performs well in Attack Combinations.

Brave is designed to be used with the 2A Chassis, which allows it to line up the wings for slightly enhanced attack power or to expose the wings on 2A to help against Left-Spin combinations. The 2A Chassis can be substituted for the 2S Chassis for a similar effect.

Use in Attack Combinations

Brave can be put to use in the Attack Combination Brave Hyperion/Ragnaruk/Valkyrie/Satan/Σolomon/Uranus/Lucifer/Diabolos Xtreme/Xtreme'/Variable/Variable'/Trans/Trans'/Hunter/Hunter'/Ωcta/Destroy/Destroy'/Volcanic/Volcanic'/Xtend+/Jolt/Jolt'/Quick'/Xceed 2A/2S, or if one prefers to use a Single Chassis and Disk, Brave Hyperion/Ragnaruk/Valkyrie/Satan/Σolomon/Uranus/Lucifer/Diabolos Sting/Blitz/Vanguard/Around/Wheel Xtreme/Xtreme'/Variable/Variable'/Trans/Trans'/Hunter/Hunter'/Ωcta/Destroy/Destroy'/Volcanic/Volcanic'/Xtend+/Jolt/Jolt'/Quick'/Xceed 1S/1D. As a side note, a Double Chassis grants a combo a lot of extra Burst Resistance, so using Xtreme/Destroy/Jolt/Xceed is still safe, but not optimal. On the other hand, a Single Chassis will make the combo generally easier to Burst, so using Xtreme/Variable/Trans/Ωcta/Destroy/Volcanic/Xtend+/Jolt/Xceed over a Dash Driver is not recommended.


Takara Tomy's Brave features a design with above average recoil and great Burst Resistance, which allows it to be a good pick all-around for Attack combinations. While it may seem like the lack of explosive attack power that options like Judgement have would make Βrave hard to use, its fair weight, Stamina, and versatility allow it to act as a solid pick against a variety of combinations.

As such, Brave is a must-have for competitive Bladers.

I'm back with another draft after a hiatus. I'll try to finish all the released Sparking parts by the end of the week, if not just the Layer components. Also, I'm not sure if any Drivers should be added or taken away from this list, so let me know if you've gotten results that vary from the Driver list.