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Full Version: Covering Beyblade News: What's fine and what's not
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So with the recent situation of Takara Tomy going out and take down channels that cover leaks of their products (that's fair, I'm not against them), I want to make a thread discussing that.

Zankye said that episode reviews would be fine, and you can upload news only after the official release of the magazine is out. (or something along those lines). AMVs are clearly not safe aswell.
But there is more to that. What if we do edits? With fancy cc, transitions and whatnot. What about Lego Beyblades? What if we post a video about a Lego Beyblade that is recreated from the leaked image of a bey?

So I have this thread to discuss it. I'm sorry if this thread is unnecessary, but I feel like I need to do this.