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Full Version: [Takara Tomy] WBBA Beylogger/code scanner app question
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Hello Fellows,

I've got the Japanese Takara Tomy Beylogger & code scanning app installed in Android on both a Samsung 8+ and a Google Pixel 4xt and it has the same issue on both:

I log in no problem, I've allowed permissions for app to use the phones hardware, but when I enter the camera mode to scan my purchase codes, the camera loads up for a moment, then crashes back to the log-in screen of the app.  

Has anyone encountered this and got past it?



I realized this might be better in Beyblade Hobby Q & A. please move there with my apologies if so.
This seems more placebo than not but I usually try to hold my phone like straight up (or try completely longways) and I would shake my phone while the scanner part loads in to try to mess with the orientation, it seems to work but will still crash so keep that in mind