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Full Version: WBO Tournament Tips
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Hey Bladers! Looking for a place to ask for or provide tips and strategies and recommendations for participating in WBO organized tournaments? Then this is the thread for you! In the correct subforum! 😃
had this idea, and it was good.
I'll start things off.

Try to predict your opponents! That doesn't mean spy on what bets they use in previous matches; that would be dishonest. But if you know they favor attack types, counter appropriately. Can they never stop ranting about how much they love opposite spin? Plan accordingly!

Don't use the same bey every match! People will notice, and plan around you. See above.

Bring food, arrive early, and go to the bathroom before you arrive! It just makes sense.

Don't be intimidated by high ranked bladers or older bladers! You can still beat them. No bey can beat everything.
OK. Tips on attending your first tournament.
1. Stay calm. You don't want to get too nervous on your tournament which can make you slip on a launch. Try to listen to your favorite song or songs to calm you down.
2. Introduce yourself to make a new friend. When you make a new friend they can help you with a combo or help you test a combo if you are not sure.
3. Take a deep breath. If you take a deep breath that means that you have no worries and that you are confident that you will have a good match.
4. Check your equipment. When going to a tournament you want to make sure your launcher is not skipping or broken. Check your beys see if either the chip or driver is not chipped or damaged.
5. Pack a lunch. A tournament might last a few hours, putting something in your stomach makes you more focused in the finals.
6. Keep an eye on your stuff. This is the biggest problem on the WBO, people have lost parts and launchers while in tournament. The best thing to do is keep you stuff with you at all times, and if you're borrowing parts or launchers, tell the judge before launching.
7. Be confident of your combo. When the judge ask are you ready and you fell that your combo is not good enough, don't second guess yourself, trust yourself. You practiced for weeks, you know you and your combo got this.
8. Learn form your losses. When losing, you might feel down, but you shouldn't. Why, when losing in a tournament, you can learn from it. I lost a lot, but I worked hard to win my next one, and I practice everyday. It really helps, and I was ready to win my next tournament, and all that practicing it paid off. I won because I learned from all those times losing, it helped me win my next tournament. When learning from your losses, you know what combo that you can win with.
9. Have a notebook. When you have a book to write in, when you have to predict which bey might show up, you might be right, and your combos are ready, and so are you. But this is the biggest tip of all:
10. Have fun when going to a tournament! You meet new people, bladers, and you travel to a new place to learn something new. The best part about tournaments is having fun and meeting new people on the way.

A huge thanks to DeceasedCrab for opening this thread. I hope this helps you on your next tournament. Remember to have fun!
(May. 28, 2020  3:06 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: [ -> ]Don't be intimidated by high ranked bladers or older bladers! You can still beat them. No bey can beat everything.

This part is really great! It’s important for young kids to know that!
, would you mind too terribly if I edited your good points to include line breaks and a few typo fixes? 🙂
thanks everyone these are great tips, i'll make sure to follow these instructions!!!
Not at all deceasedcrab