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Full Version: Rank your best antagonist
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(Apr. 21, 2022  3:57 PM)MasterofDerp Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 20, 2022  10:03 AM)Needforspeed Wrote: [ -> ]Since burst has ended here is animanga main antagonist tier list/rankings
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 explaination for each character placement

Regarding Manga Phi, I’m not even sure if he can be considered the main antagonist. He’s a major obstacle, ye, but his villainous tendencies are kinda lacking. No Dead Phoenix, no breaking beys, and he actually cooperates with Shu and Lui to forge Royal King Spriggan. Another thing is that if we look at the manga, Count Night/Night Earl of all people has more story relevance, and from what I recall, aside from Valt is the final battle of the Cho-Z Manga.
If anything, I found Valt to be more of an antagonist in the Cho-Z Manga than Phi. He’s still cheerful but is a lot more serious, but the main thing that really cements him a spot as an antag in the manga(At least imo) is him breaking Achilles. Yes, it was done to get Aiga out of a corrupted state, but the biggest kicker is that Valt showed little to no remorse over it. He’s def not a villain but he’s leaning into antag territory.
That really the main problem with ChoZ manga imo. They don't really give an emphasis on who is the real main antagonist but since anime has it on phi i mean why not and for count knight he only appear for 2 special chaptersvin ChoZ counting it as a main antagonist wouldn't be fair.
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