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Full Version: Waluigi
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Whine about Waluigi and why he is great
Why are you doing this?
Waluigi is my fav super mario kart character
Same waaah
My fav is king boo, but waluigi can kick butt too
(Apr. 24, 2020  6:20 PM)Blader Boy7 Wrote: [ -> ]Why are you doing this?

Because he thinks he's funny.
It is funny
Walu is da best
who thinks Waluigi should be in smash bros
(May. 01, 2020  1:02 AM)FlameDan Wrote: [ -> ]who thinks Waluigi should be in smash bros

He an assist character.
I know but still there are lots of people who want him
ok guys we gotta start a protest and show up to the super smash bros game designers home in the middle of the night and say we and waluigi