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Full Version: Black Dranzer
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Hi, im currently looking for a Black Dranzer, I've been searching for years and everywhere I seem to look and think this is it, they are either horribly over priced, or out of stock. So if you have one and would be kind enough to sell I will be able to go up to £10.

I'm in the UK so UK sellers would be most preffered since im really low on spendable money with the London Expo coming up and im paying for travel and meals this year. This being why I can only manage about £10 3:

Please let me know if you own BD and are willing to sell for this price :3
(May. 04, 2010  1:57 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]

Thanks thats great but it doesn't ship to the UK, just the US Unhappy
Ask the seller if he will?
(May. 04, 2010  5:13 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]Ask the seller if he will?

I think I will ^ ^, I doubt he or she will say yes but it never hurt to ask. I'm going to wait a couple of days though, just to watch the bidding, if it goes over $20 in 2 days I won't bother ^^;