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Full Version: Legend Spriggan
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I was just playing with my beys when I had Ignition in left (same with my legend spriggan layer). I put it on and when I tried to launch it got caught on the launcher. I took it off the launch and turns out, Ignition DESTROYED the teeth on my Legend. every time I put its stock combo together it doesn't fit in, as if it has slopes then the driver and forge disc just pop off. and I look and confirmed that the teeth where damaged. so does anyone have a fairly cheap legend spriggan on ebay or something?
It’s from koreantoyshop, and I have heard that their launchers break easier but beys are the same
88PowerPig88 used to sell this back in the day. Very reliable seller, you can try seeing if he still got it. His prices are reasonable
I’ll sell you used one for $15 Shipped if you are in the US. Let me know.