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Full Version: Bakersfield Tournament Report: Driger S can have little a Classic 2/8/2020
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Tournament Spreadsheet

- After running it successfully 3 times and witnessing it done by another player, I can accurately say Driger S' role is similar to a Destabilizer in that it kills the stamina of the opponent but it seems it works in a different method and how it effects the opponents.
- A minimum of 3 judges is needed if you have no nonparticipating judge, as I have found out.
- What I was trying to test for was unsuccessful, I now want to try the LA scene with the same formatting.
- Morrigna seems like it's not too powerful, and weak as a Staller.
- P3C1 had made me not choose the safest combo possible at times and felt better to play, I feel that it really should be more common.
- Trans' is way too viable on stamina layers and it seems no one else is doing that though.