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Full Version: Need bladers for tournament once i become an organiser. High Wycombe Uk
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Will be a round robin tournament and i need 4 participants for it. More information will be coming soon as i get more people involved. The estimated date is April 7th 2020.
I would be up for one after the quarantine
Honestly if nothing is happening after all fo this for me wycombe isnt too far from me, so i wouldn't mind helping out and participating.
Seems you have 2 plays so far
i would come, but not with the ongoing world events going on........
Yeah that is fair I would come after the quarantine is over and it is safe to do so
ofc i am not 100 percent sure i can make it after all fo this it really depends on parents and i may be able to get a friend ot come alog considering ti will be holidays
i have 2 friends of mine who would be interested in coming along if there is to be a tournament after the quarantine is lifted so you have like 5-6 players