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Full Version: Selling 3 Plastics/Launchers/Cords
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Hey all, sorry for the "re-list" if you will.  I didn't quite follow all of the sub rules the last time I made a post Smile and after doing some research on the forums and with the help of my fellow Bladers on the site, I will make this my official selling post!  I tried to get a good angle of everything-- I would like to sell the lot as a whole if possible but understand if there's interests in individual parts of the collection.

Here is the link :

#16 Booster Bump King  ($10)
#17 Starter Dragoon Grip Attacker ($40)
#48? Kid Draciel ($10)

Gold Duotron Max Double Launcher $30

Whole lot $80

I am basing the prices off of what I have been offered +what I have seen on Ebay/the Wiki page and so on.  If they seem overpriced I apologize as I am not looking to make enemies here, just looking to send the package off to a good home Smile

Thank you all for your time and feel free to reach out for anything/everything!