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Full Version: dranzer blades
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im looking for the whole lot:
spiral(blue or phantom force)
volcano2(not rc)
gigs turbo
Hard metal system

uk seller is easyer but not to fussy & not a big bugget if u are not selling but know a shop(or site)to get the blades plz PM me!

I've got a dranzer ms and dranzer v i'm willing to sell. Pm me if your interested.
i have a gold dranzer G, though im not sure if thats something you want to buy on a budget. not sure if you call it rare but its not a natural dranzer color.

brand new no box
Aye, I've got a few if you want any.

£10 each?
I've got some for sale. I'll me you with the details.
I got some pm me. Oh yea and go to mty youtube channel to see the parts.