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Full Version: Tyros T2 Testing and Discussion
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Tyros T2 is one of Hasbro's exclusive beys released in Beyblade Burst Evolution. It's Round design allows it to potentialy block and delfect attacks and since there are jagged and bumpy lines on the layer too, it could steal spin from left spinning foes. Today, I am testing this bey with good defense and spin equalization combos to see if it is good. 

Note, I will be using the results format I used in my Outer testing thread. (10 rounds)

The first test is with defense,

T2 G O vs. G2 G O
Tyros win rate: OOOOOOO (70%)
Gianon win rate: OOO (30%)

1 Mislaunch redone

In the first few rounds, Tyros was easily destabilized causing Gianon to Outspin it. I am gonna do the same testing, but Tyros will have polish instead of gravity.

T2 P O vs. G2 G O
Tyros win rate: OOOOOOOOO (90%)
Gianon win rate: O (10%)

Tyros on polish improved it's defense quite a bit, I will be using the combo now against an attack combo.

T2 P O vs. S2 G X
Tyros win rate: OOBBBOOB (80%)
Spryzen win rate: KK (20%)

1 tie was redone

Now that defense is done, lets do 2 spin equalization combo testings (1st has Xtend-S and the other has Destroy) against Dragoon F (my only top tier left spin layer) Gravity Orbit (for stamina and attack)

T2 P Xt-S vs. DG G O
Dragoon F win rate: (0%) 
Tyros win rate: OBBBBBBBBB (100%)

Most of the rounds were bursts? Maybe Dragoon should get Xtend-S for the final test.

T2 P Ds vs. DG G Xt-S
Tyros win rate: BBBBBBBBB (90%)
Dragoon F win rate: K (10%)

Final thoughts: Tyros is good for defense and spin equilization, despite DG bursting alot. It should be good in competative in theory. 

Tyros Test win rate: 86%
Here are some of my tests for Tyros T2. I'm also putting this in the regular burst classic testing thread just so I can get it there for more people to see.

Test 1: (T2 med launched, X sliding shot)
T2 Winrate: 80% (OS:7, KO:0, B:9)
X1 Winrate: 20% (OS:0, KO:4, B:0)
Ties: 2 (2 B)

Test 2: (T2 med launched, V2 sliding shot)
T2.H.U VS V2.K.X
T2 Winrate: 90% (OS:10, KO:0, B:8)
V2 Winrate: 10% (OS:0, KO:2, B:0)
Ties: 6 (6 B)

Test 3:
T2.D.Yr-S VS R.H.S
T2 Winrate: 65% (OS:12, KO:0, B:1)
R1 Winrate: 35% (OS:6, KO:0, B:1)
Ties: 0 (0 B)

Test 4a: (T2 med launched, S2 sliding shot, 10 battles)
T2.G.D-S VS S2.G.Ir
T2 Winrate: 100% (OS:2, KO:1, B:7)
S2 Winrate: 0% (OS:0, KO:0, B:0)
Ties: 1 (1 B)

Test 4b: (T2 hard we launched, S2 hard flat launched, 10 battles)
T2.G.D-S VS S2.G.Ir
T2 Winrate: 80% (OS:6, KO:0, B:2)
S2 Winrate: 20% (OS:2, KO:0, B:0)
Ties: 0 (0 B)

Here is a G2 test to compare:

Test 5: (X sliding shot)
G2 Winrate: 80% (OS:4, KO:1, B:11)
X1 Winrate: 20% (OS:0, KO:4, B:0)
Ties: 0 (0 B)
Its good to see this hasbro exclusive being put to good use. I always wanted to see how it will hold up against other dual/single layer beys