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Full Version: Cuphead Random Thoughts
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Here you can post about all things cuphead. Your favorite boss, ask for help on a boss you’re stuck on, or just talk about pops. It’s up to you! But please only things cuphead related
Cuphead is difficult. I made it to world 3, but sort of gave up on the game. It's kind of exhausting. And sure, that's just me being 36, but I would say Cuphead is a mean game to all ages. I am fairly decent at videogames, even now.
Yeah I’m stuck on Dr Khal. Feel ya. My cousin keeps bragging about how he beat the game several times and I’m tried of it

I personally like Blind Specter
Cuphead do do
I feel the same! First time Cuphead player here, but man is it amazing. On isle two as well. It gives me a lot of the same feelings when I beat a boss in Hollow Knight, and pretty much the entire Dark Souls game.
cuphead is so hard but so fun, i definitely took a couple days to complete that queen bee level it was so frustrating