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Full Version: Maybe buying
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I'm looking for(all TT):

Layer Bases: Judgement, Zwei, Knockout, Master, Venom(original release), Poison, Grand(Red)

GaTinko Chips: Valkyrie(red, gold, or blue varients), Odin, Longinus, Diabolos, Diabolos II

Weights: Go, Goku, Sen

Layers: Storm Pegasus, Winning Valkyrie, Cho-Z Spriggan, Cho-Z Valkyrie, Cho-Z Achilles, Geist Fafnir, Perfect Phoenix

Discs: Zenith(Original Release) and Around

Frames: Proof, Glaive, Cross, Bump

Drivers: Destroy', Bearing, Atomic, Eternal, Quick', Charge, Xtreme', Generate, Bullet
I have venom

From diabolos right?
I have atomic, eternal,bearing,glaive,bump,wV and sen