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Full Version: BeyLink? BeyParts?
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We should create a BrickLink for beyblade. What is BrickLink you ask? BrickLink is a website for Lego that allows you to buy a part from anyone who is selling. And I noticed that a lot of people want specific parts for beys and I thought of how BrickLink allows for you to buy any part and thought of making a Bricklink for beyblade, so people could get parts that they want easily.

So what do you guys think?
There are some people who already sell individual parts, like on eBay, though this is all TT stuff.

That being said, there's plenty of places to try and request certain parts, like the buying/selling threads here.
As a big fan of Bricklink, it sounds cool and all, but that is a big project and it would need way more than a simple "we should have this".
Would be interesting nonetheless, would give a better control on sellers compared to random threads / discord listings.