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Full Version: Garuda g3 (the blueberry) Dicussion
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So I got Garuda g3 recolor for my Christmas. So I made a unboxing video ,but did not uploadedĀ it because I got a new phone for Christmas.

Do you have any tips and tricks launches you can tell me. This is the first time I ever owned a defence type beyblade.

So if "you" have any advice please tell me .

Can you also tell me a great combo that can go with my Garuda g3 recolor.

Thank you
A good combo for G3 would be 10 Wall Atomic.
(Dec. 26, 2019  10:39 PM)lilphilyb Wrote: [ -> ]A good combo for G3 would be 10 Wall Atomic.
Why Wall? Use Cross.
I don't have cross or wall
What about Bump?
Bump? Not sure